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Campus Tour: The Library
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The library of XMU was established in 1921, with a total area of 21,000 square meters and over 2.5 million books and papers in total (nearly one fifth of them are in foreign languages). 100,000 new books and papers are added to the library each year. Books and papers of developed subjects such as economics, administration, philosophy, history, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology are stored systematically. And the library collects books and papers on Taiwan and Southeast Asia studies.

Since the 1990s, XMU has been setting up an electronic information service system. In 2000, XMU began to build up the online library. Thus, readers can upload files through network paths. XMU Knowledge Source Portal went online a few years ago. Teachers and students are able to upload or download any files they want, check online directory and do information retrieval.