Welcome to the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SACE). As one of best professional architectural, urban planning and civil engineering in Fujian Province, China, the School is justifiably proud of its accomplishments and alumni. Located in one of the most beautiful campuses in China, SACE is in a favorable position to attract more outstanding and passionate young people to its comprehensive range of educational and research programs related to the built environment.

Since 1987, our school has accumulated profound schooling culture and school running experiences. Creative, integrated and cross-disciplinary modules and research will continuously be developed in this school in order to broaden each student’s learning experience, knowledge acquisition and professional skills. Curricula renewal and content development will be intrinsically linked to timely research, development and demonstration efforts to generate innovative and solutions within an increasingly complex environment. We will offer a holistic educational experience and prepare them for an exciting and challenging career ahead in the industry and imbuing the spirit of creativity, teamwork and entrepreneurship.

Indeed, China has become the faster growing country in the word in terms of economy and technology. At meantime, Xiamen has consistently been ranked amongst the livable cities in China, excelling in features of good environment and sustainable developments. Along with our collaborators, our faculty, researchers, students and alumni continue to contribute tirelessly to a more desirable vision. I therefore invite all aspiring students, partners, alumni, donors, as well as faculty to join us in our endeavor. You will be able to get more detailed information about the school from this website. Enjoy this virtual tour, and of course, you are always welcome to visit us in person.

Professor Wang Shaosen

Dean of School of Architecture and Civil Engineering