Dual Degree Programme with Cardiff University (UK) on urban planning
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1)     Project Introduction

Xiamen University and Cardiff University would jointly train Dual Masters of Urban Planning according to the agreement between Cardiff University and Xiamen University. President Zhu Chongshi and the president of Cardiff University made this project together in order to foster talents as well as researchers, and promote the education and research of urban palnning. The first year of study would be accomplished in Xiamen University. After passing the English examination, student would be transferred to Cardiff University in the second year, in which the master dissertation shall be completed. The master degree of Cardiff University would be granted after passing the dissertation defense. In the final year, students shall then return to Xiamen University and complete the defense of master degree required by Xiamen University in accordance with the relevant regulations. All credit would be accepted by both universities, and the tutors from both universities shall jointly provide helps regarding the selections of courses and dissertation topics.

2)     Students eligible for application

Students applying for the project must be first year postgraduate in Xiamen University. Except for students from School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, the applicants from other colleges like School of Public Affairs, School of Management, School of Law, College of humanities, School of Economics, School of Life Sciences, College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, College of the Environment and Ecology, College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, College of the Arts etc. are also allowed to apply for this programme.

3)     Entrance requirements for Cardiff University

A. Applicants must finish and pass all the courses during the first year of study in Xiamen University.

B. Applicants should get no less than 6.5 in IELTS, wherein every sub-test should not be less than 6, and the result must be achieved within 2 years before the application. Besides, applicants who get 6.0 in IELTS could also apply for the programme within 2 years by accomplishing an 8-week English intensive courses arranged or approved by Cardiff University (the course is at own expense). Applicants who are not accepted by Cardiff University will not be affected to finish the study in Xiamen University.

4)     Expenses

Students participate in the project shall pay full international students tuition fees during the exchange in Cardiff University, and are responsible for their own accommodation expenses, other living expenses and international traveling expenses. In addition, students applied should also pay the corresponding tuition fees during their study in Xiamen University according to their major.

5)     Executive Condition of the Programme

The first group of students of this programme enrolled in September, 2008. As of 2016, there have been a total of 15 postgraduates from School of Architecture and Civil Engineering participated in the joint training project, in which 13 of them got the master degree of both Xiamen University and Cardiff University, the other 2 of them is learning in Cardiff University currently.