The Academic Publications Regulations for the application of Doctoral degree of "Built Environment Monitor and Protection" in School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Xiamen University
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(December, 2015)

To further standardize the degree granting and continuously improve the quality of postgraduate education and scientific research, the following requirements, which are in accordance with the Regulations on the Academic Publications for Doctoral degree and Master Degree candidates in Xiamen University( XMU2014,No.31), and meanwhile in accordance with the characteristics of disciplines in School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, are required by the school for doctoral degree applicants in the discipline of "Building Environment Monitoring and Protection " :

Part 1 Academic achievements required for doctoral degree applicants:

1. The academic paper shall be 3000 words in minimum and be related to the thesis of the applicants. The signature unit must be Xiamen university and the applicants must be corresponding authors or first authors (The applicants can be considered as first author under the circumstance that the supervisor is the first author when the postgraduate is the second author). If included in SCI, SSCI and EI, the acceptance letters is qualified. In terms of other publications, published paper should be submitted when applying for a doctoral degree. The academic paper included in EI should be journal papers.

2. Since the entrance of PhD study, the PhD student should publish one academic paper in JCR (first division or second division), or two academic papers included in SCI, or one academic paper included by SCI and one academic paper included by EI before applying for a doctorate degree. Academic papers included in EI must be journal papers.

3. Master-Doctor combined program graduate students should at least publish one extra academic paper in Chinese core publications of academic papers, or in higher levels of academic journals, aside from the article 2 of the paper requirements from the enrollment of master program to obtaining a doctoral degree. Chinese publications do not included supplements, special issue, and album.

4.For Joint training doctoral students under “Government Sponsored Study Abroad Program”who as the corresponding author or the first author (The applicants can be considered as first author under the circumstance that the supervisor in Xiamen University or in joint training overseas university is the first author when the PhD student is the second author) ,and Xiamen University or the joint training overseas university be the signature unit of the first author, the published paper is recognized.  

5. With regards to the research achievement of PhD student, under the circumstance that the student is the first author (The applicants can be considered as the first author under the circumstance that the supervisor in Xiamen University is the first author when the student is the second author), and that Xiamen University is the first application unit, the national or overseas license of invention patent, one or above, could only be considered as one piece of academic paper included in JCR (fourth division).

6. In principle, for overseas PhD students or PhD students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, the requirements of academic publications to apply doctoral degree are the same with the above articles.

7. The application for a doctor’s degree should be within six years after the pass of oral defense. If doctoral students do not submit it within required time, it will be considered as the abandonment of the degree application.

Part 2 Other supplementary regulations

1. These regulations are the minimum requirements for PhD students' applications for degree and publications of academic papers.

2. A PhD student can graduate and obtain a diploma under all the following circumstances: 1) the student has completed all learning projects required by training program.2) All the student's examination results are qualified. 3) The student has obtained the required credits. 4) The student has passed the thesis defense. Only when all the requirements above are met, the PhD student is qualified to apply for a doctoral degree.

3. The academic publication requirements for part-time PhD students who want to apply for a doctor's degree with an equivalent educational level, should be referred to the relevant provisions of the school.

4. The requirements of research achievements for the PhD students participated in “Confidential Military Project”, should follow the “Interim Provisions on the Management of Confidential Dissertations of Graduate Students in Xiamen University” (No. 31 [2006] Xiamen University).

5. With regards to the qualification of the joint first authors: If the published paper is included in first or second division of JCR, the first two authors of the joint first authors shall be recognized. If the published paper is included in the third division or divisions below of JCR, only the first author is qualified.

6. The recognitions of JCR division and core publications shall be referred by the latest versions of JCR division and Catalog of Core Academic Publications of Xiamen University. The old versions shall remain valid for one year after the publication of new editions.

7. The regulations shall take effect upon promulgation. The unmentioned matters in the articles and special circumstances could be submitted to the Subcommittee of the Degree Assessment’s decision.



Subcommittee of Degree Assessment

School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Xiamen University

December, 2015